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I’m back been away for a while I was in the middle of a move airbrush makeup kit on tv.But I want to show you something about today airbrush makeup kit for halloween, this is the new event, ie.Air brush compressor combo kit from harbor freight tools.Full disclosure I work at harbor freight.So I got my employee discount on this. Still I think fortune got.It’s a that’s a pretty good deal.Its retails for 119 dollars and.I went ahead and bought the one year replacement plan, cause I plan on using the heck out of this, and if anything goes wrong within the first year first fifteen months I just get a new one, so I think the one year plan was like twenty one ninety nine I have not seen inside this yet so I’ll be seeing it for the first time with you guys here on the back kind of tells you what I got.Got a gravity Fed a barrage in the compressor. It has an attached regulator and filter will take call a fluid trap.It’s got a hose when the quick disconnect.And I’m the compressor.Or to a brush holders.That’s kind of eight.So let’s just open her up and see what she looks like talk about this camera shaking my mouth is kind of flexible you’re gonna pull this part over here.Yeah. Case truly packed in star phone.Got the owners mountain now and safety instructions, a nice braided hose.With the quick disconnect on oops, it works. Zen.The compressor and attached regulator pressure gauge.This looks a lot like a regular harbor freight centro Matic air compressor like the master compared to all the Chinese ones, there was the same body except for this one on the website.So it only makes.47 decibels of noise.Now, the other one I got. The social Matic, the males at 65.So with me living in an apartment.Hopefully, this gets quiet.Take a look. Good, nice.Gray and blue paint scheme.At the air brush holders, the handle.Filter regulator.Reads from zero to a hundred PS I.Her feet.Okay.Bush the old harbor freight, the lecture Bruce was siphon feed, this one you can see.Gravity feed.Yeah.Got a good size coop.It’s welded on.Lewd.The inside is a little rough.But it’s not birds, it’s more like.Texture.A short depress on the button.Feels pretty smooth.Got a needle stop, so you can run it like a single accident, you wanted to.It feels kind of loose but it probably works, yeah.Aluminum handle.Typical deal clamp.Trigger.And on the nozzle and get the cut or crown.Exact same setup as the awarded neo. The box says it comes with a point three millimeter needle.And I’m fairly certain if you want a different size, just go to hobby Lobby.Put out water needle nozzle limit.Camp has gone.In a long ways to get a tiny wrench to thin a lot.A tiny pet that is pretty much useless.But.I suppose it’s nice to include. Let’s see let’s get the hose connected.Thanks a lot hoes.I think that’s ten feet long.Yeah.Yeah.Yeah ten foot braided hose.HMM.Interesting.Got the quick disconnect. Sue.Put that on the brush.Connect.Here we go.HMM. Right.HMM.The other end of the hose on the pressure.SO. Take that plastic off, so I can read the gauge.Yep.HMM.Dying to hear how loud or quiet, this is some good plugged in.I see how apartment friendly, this is gonna be.See what so many.Wow.Look straight up just sixty feel sorry, sorry. Yeah.Yeah.But it’s not required or the central pneumatic, the interesting thing is.There we go seems to Max out at sixty.AH.Small.Yeah.AW.AH.AH.Should be a little quieter, if it’s not on the table.Wow.Not seem to work pretty good.SO.That’s my quick unboxing of the new upper afraid.